Western Canada Power Exchange Past Titleholders

Keeper and Kitten

2020 – Keeper and kitten

Keeper and kitten are a 24/7, queer, long-distance, polyamorous, power exchange couple from Saskatchewan. Their dynamic/ relationship has been evolving since 2016, currently blending several more traditional D/s styles. They are passionate about education – having presented on protocol, little/pet identity, Dom drop, mental health & D/s, negotiation, and others.

Their relationship is defined by fluidity, changing to meet Keeper’s wants and needs; kitten has grown in flexibility, understanding, and patience by his side. They engage in CNC and ownership with kitten in service to Keeper – surrendering to his decisions, reality, and choices for them, at his discretion.

2018 – Frenchie and Phoenix

His past experiences of gas lighting hindered his ability to be vulnerable. Some deep issues have been discovered through his journey especially while with Phoenix. Gaining confidence while smartly leading Phoenix, everything blossomed and intensified between them.

With her husband’s support, Phoenix started her venture unknowingly finding unsafe situations. It was then suggested to go to a munch and discovered her local community had nice people. Here she found her voice and her passion for communication, transparency, and consent.

She continues learning from others in the community by attending workshops and classes and sharing what she has learned.

They started with a slow build of a strong foundation. A real approach to getting to know each other, unlike any other she experienced as it made vulnerability front and centre. Trust was slow but strong and has proven to be one of the necessities for their relationship to flourish. Words and actions matched, making growth super real.

Their journey has been a bumpy one, partly due to having 3 different languages between them… one might think that it would be easy to communicate……come and find out what their tools are and what has helped them to communicate in their D/s dynamic.

Going deeper…beyond words.

IrradiantPhoenix and CuriousFrenchie
Lady Umbra and prairie_locked

2017 – Lady Umbra and prairie_locked

Lady Umbra and her slave, prairie_locked, represent the 2018 International Power Exchange and 2017 Western Canada Power Exchange titles. Their 24/7, long-distance Master/slave relationship is built on elements of consensual non-consent, Leather, and spirituality. The best way to describe their relationship is not as a Queen and her knight, but rather as a Queen and her court jester! Lady Umbra rules with a strict yet compassionate demeanor, and he devotes his life to her service with a humorous flair. They espouse an equitable relationship while maintaining the inequality in their roles through structured protocols and rituals. In the dungeon they enjoy a variety of edgier play that combines whips, knives, cigars, humiliation, and boots!

Lady Umbra co-founded AWAKENS (A Women’s Association for Kinky Education & Networking Saskatoon) in late 2015 to provide a safe space for kinky women to network and empower themselves through education, mutual support, and peer mentorship. She then founded the Prairie Women’s Network, providing opportunities for women from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to connect with each other. Lady Umbra was honoured to judge the 2019 International Person of Leather Contest and will be judging the 2019 WCBB Contest. She is also truly humbled to have received the 2019 Pantheon of Leather (Canadian) Award. prairie_locked served on the board of directors of Kink Regina from July 2016 through September 2019, previously serving as house slave. He was privileged to judge with 2019 IPE Contest, and will be judging the 2019 WCPE Contest.

Together, they have spent the last two years travelling 45,000 kilometres across North America sharing their enthusiasm for power exchange and teaching workshops on bootblacking, humiliation play, mindfulness and more.