Western Canada Power Exchange

The Western Canada Power Exchange (WCPE) encourages education about the wide variety of relationships in which some degree of power exchange is a regular occurrence.

We also sponsor the annual WCPE Contest during which contestants have the opportunity to showcase their specific power exchange by having the opportunity to educate others. The WCPE contest is one of seven regional contests which lead to the International Power Exchange (IPE) competition, which is held at Beyond Leather, in West Palm Beach, Florida at the end of May each year. The winners of the WCPE contest then go on to represent Western Canada at the IPE.

The WCPE contest will be held at Wicked in the West.

The Power Exchange contest is an opportunity for a couple, triad, or poly family to showcase their own unique power exchange. The contest is open to all who are at least 21 years of age regardless of gender or sexual preference, who have been in any power exchange dynamic for at least one year. Only 3 from a poly family may represent the family. The dynamics of those entering could include any of the following examples: Owner/property; Dominant/submissive; Master/slave; Taken in Hand; Daddy or Mommy/boi or boy or girl; Handler/pet; and so on.

If you are considering entering the Western Canadian Power Exchange Contest, please review the Qualifications and related materials on the Applications and Checklist page.

If you require additional information, please contact the producers at wcpe@wickedinthewest.ca