Western Canada Bootblack
Qualifications and Judging Criteria

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Speech and Formal Wear (75 Points)

Contestants will give a speech no longer than five minutes on why they are passionate about bootblacking. The Contestants will also be judged on their formal look during this time.


Contestants should be evaluated on their ability to give a cohesive speech with a purpose. They should be judged on delivery, content, their stage presence, and their ability to communicate their message. Contestants should also be judged on their formal look, although their formal look isn’t worth nearly as much as the content and delivery of their speech.  

Personal Interview (100 Points)

Contestants will have a 20 minute personal interview where they will answer questions posed to them by the Judging panel. The questions may be about any aspect of bootblacking, queer history, civil rights history, leather history, BDSM, or personal questions about the contestant. Contestants are not required to have a ‘platform,’ but questions from the judges may include plans for the contestant’s title year if they were to win or plans should they lose, and the contestants stance on key issues of our modern time (privilege, safe spaces vs public spaces, etc.).


This will also include a quick presentation (no longer than 5 minutes) on their technical boot. They will discuss the process, products used, challenges faced and any other information they deem important. This will be followed by a short technical Q&A from the judges, and will continue into the remainder of the personal interview. 

Technical Boot & Community Vote (125 Points)

Contestants will bring a pair of boots in used, but not dire condition. They should be full leather, lace up, military style, paratrooper jump / combat boots and or able to be high shined. The tech boot should not need major restoration, cobbling, or excavation (covered in a foot of mud). Boots will be assigned a random number, and contestants will draw which boot they will be working on. Contestants will have 30 minutes to complete their technical shine. As this will be happening shortly after registration, this will be recorded for the Judges to review (should they be delayed in Travel), and for the contestants to watch post contest to review their own process and skill. 


The technical boots will be on display in the silent auction area for the duration that the silent auction is open. All attendees will be given a ticket to vote for the boot (numbered anonymously) that they feel was done technically the best. This will consist of an additional 25 points based on the number of votes received.

Stand Time (75 Points)

Contestants will have their stand time judged. Judges will evaluate technical skills, product choices, and other technical choices the contestants make throughout the weekend. Contestants will have stands set up and be blacking at the play party Saturday evening for the attendees, and their judges.

Demeanor, Interpersonal Skills, and Pop Question (75 Points)

Contestants will answer a pop question on stage during the opening ceremony. These questions may be serious or may be humorous. The question may or may not be related to bootblacking. Contestants will not be informed of the question before it is read on stage. This is to serve as an introduction to the contest for the conference attendees.


During the contestant’s stand time, Judges will observe how they work a stand and how they interact with their clients. This includes things like line management, negotiation, techniques and overall comfort with the clients. 

They will also be scoring points in this area as they interact with attendees, presenters, volunteers etc. during the weekend. They are judged on how they conduct and present themselves throughout the weekend.


Fantasy (50 Points)

Contestants will be doing their fantasy presentation Saturday night after the Dinner. This will be a scene/play that draws the attendees into your fantasy, and get them to root for you. This will be a maximum of 5 minutes, with music to be provided (and sent to the producers ahead of time). They will be judged on their stage presence, staging, how effective their music is in portraying their fantasy, and audience reaction. As this is at the dinner, with alcohol, the fantasy must not have any explicit nudity due to liquor laws and out of respect to the hotel’s wait staff. All persons involved in the fantasy must be attending the conference. 


Contestants will  be provided a resource/coach whose expertise will greatly assist your fantasy, and be someone who can help you come up with ideas for what to do, and what it needs to look like. 


Your fantasy needs to be approved by the producers either in person or via video (can be a dress rehearsal style) 2 weeks prior to the contest. This  is so the producers can ensure you’re on the right track, and that it will catch/captivate the attendees. 


Minimum Qualification and Runner Up

The minimum score to qualify is 350 points, this is to ensure that those that they are ready and able to take on the responsibilities of the Western Canada Bootblack for the year.


Should more than one competitor qualify, the person with the second highest score will be the runner up. The runner up will be expected to take over the title should the winner no longer be able to continue on with their year for any reason. 


Each Contestant in the Western Canada Bootblack Contest Must:

  • be at least twenty-one (21) years old;
  • have a demonstrated interest in leather, BDSM or fetishes, as determined by the judging panel;
  • be a resident of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba;
  • not hold a current leather title that conflicts with the WCBB contest (If you hold a current title, please advise the Producers to find out if you are still eligible to compete);
  • own all clothing worn onstage during the contest, except for clothing and props used in the fantasy portion;
  • be in possession of their own materials and bootblacking kit;
  • if they win, agree to represent the title throughout the title year and refrain from competing in any other leather, fetish, fantasy, rubber, or bootblack title contest until the conclusion of the title year;
  • if they win, agree to present at least 3 classes and/or demos to teach others about bootblacking to groups or events in their area/in the areas of their travels during the title year;
  • agree to, if the winner of the title, return to the WCBB event next year to step aside from their title;
  • agree to, if the runner up, take over the title year should the winner be no longer able to continue for whatever reason;
  • agree to permit agree to be photographed and allow the photographs to be used on the WCPE / WCBB / Wicked in the West web sites, and all other forms of media coverage;
  • when competing at WCBB, donate one (1) select leather/kink auction item to be used in the silent auction to raise funds for WCBB expenses;
  • agree to, if necessary, wear contestant numbers at all times until the end of the contest and then return them to the director (these will be provided at the contestant meeting prior to the Technical Boot);
  • not have any outstanding warrants either nationally or internationally and you must not be currently under indictment in any court of law; and,
  • agree to arrive at the contest host hotel no later than 4:00 pm on the Friday the conference begins and appear in person for all meetings that day and all scheduled events during the WCBB weekend.