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Kirsten Rainbow

Kirsten Rainbow

I am absolutely passionate about bootblacking and helping to build and grow our bootblacking community. I love our mutual focus on how to ensure that the gear that comes our way is cared for and looks better than it came in, and will last. It’s a part of our community that allows and encourages experimentation, and the sharing of communal knowledge. Fostering that growth is one of my major aims with helping to produce the Western Canada Bootblacking Title. As a previous title holder (Mr. Gay Edmonton and Western Canada Bootblack), I know that being one puts you in the spotlight, and allows you to gain a bigger platform to share your knowledge and help grow community. I firmly believe that the title system is one of many avenues to connecting our more separate and remote communities, especially within Canada. I am truly looking forward to putting this contest together and helping support our titleholders through their year, and sharing/reinforcing the connections myself and others have made.



As the name implies, I am deeply connected to many facets of bootblacking, but blacking is not the only service that is important to me. Being involved in my community as an organizer, volunteer, presenter, and striving to be a positive role model to the newer members of the community are of high priority. As a past board member of Northern Chaps of Edmonton and having been an active member of the Canadian Mayhem group in Vancouver. I have experienced a rewarding variety of approaches to community service. Giving me a unique appreciation of the Leather community in Western Canada.



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