WCBB 2022 Judges

Jesbian – Head Judge

Jesbian Bagheera is a leather femme dandy. She gets down and dirty at the SF bootblack stands as a switchy ashtray. When she is not up to her knees in shenanigans and sass, she is volunteering with littles everywhere! She has been licking leathers and force feeding cupcakes in the community since 2011. She previously held the title International Little Miss Little 2014. She was also Ms California Leather 2017. She continues to advocate for her people now in the California real estate industry where everyone can find their version of home. Home is where your boots hang.

Berith – Judge

Berith has been bootblacking for over 10 years, providing service at many events and bars across Canada. He is known for his technical bootblacking skills, and in addition to teaching workshops, he has had the honour of mentoring several other bootblacks in the Alberta region. He is also a co-founder of Calgary Pets and Handlers, an officially incorporated society, comprised of and for people in Calgary and surrounding area into animal role-play. As an avid bootpup, Berith views both pet play and bootblacking as a great base for community building and is happy to see the boots of anyone who may come through the door; a community is built from integrity, passion and understanding: from the sole up.

gentle_ben – Judge

Ben is a fat, non-binary white settler descendent living on the unceded, occupied territory of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish nations. He is a service-centered switch, grateful masochist, and compassionate sadist. Capital-L Leather and bootblacking are major focuses of his explorations in kink, connecting his power, service, and intimacy desires. As a disabled, working class femme, Ben takes joy in building community through mutual support and peer education. He’s proud and honoured to represent his family and bring his experience from so-called Vancouver to share at WCBB!


Morgan is a full-spectrum doula, hot femme bootblack, and sexual health advocate & educator, living in Vancouver, BC. She joined the scene in 2018 as a submissive, and with the mentorship of chosen family and community elders, continues to find herself in leather & service-oriented power exchange. Morgan is the co-curator of BlackChat; an intergenerational project of gatherings, community field trips, and podcasting. BlackChat is dedicated to the healing of Black people across turtle island. Morgan’s work is in service to the communities who hold her. She looks at sex & BDSM through a lens informed by sociopolitical power structures, and each person’s individual experiences with systemic oppression. As a coach, she works predominantly with people under 30, new to kink, exploring their desires and sexuality, and/or working through some intimacy stuff. She is an artist, healer, and abolitionist who challenges the status quo. Intergenerational collaboration and imagining futures are key values in Morgan’s work.