Western Canada Bootblack Information

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What is the Western Canada Bootblack Title?

The Western Canada Bootblack (WCBB) is a regional contest in its fourth year. We are not officially connected to any other contest, however, should a titleholder wish to continue on internationally, we’re absolutely supportive of their wish and will assist in making that a reality.

WCBB titleholders serve as ambassadors for the history and practice of bootblacking and boot play for their region; for the broader Leather family; and, when traveling abroad, for their Canadian Leather community. Titleholders are encouraged to attend Leather, queer, and BDSM community events in the region to promote the WCBB contest and philosophy, spread kinship, and to reach out to those who are interested or curious about the Leather/fetish/bootblacking community, our history and traditions.

Unlike many community titles, the work schedule and itinerary is to a large degree self-directed by the titleholders. Your life remains your own. There is no absolute calendar of appointments and list of commitments. The work you chose to do has to fit within the realities of your life – and that’s your decision.

The WCBB contest is open to all bootblacks who are a resident of Canada west of the Ontario/Manitoba border, including the entirety of the three northern territories.   A previous bootblack title is not required to run for WCBB. Bootblacking is a passion for us and those that seek to represent our community as titleholders. As the Western Canadian Bootblack, you’ll be responsible for sharing your passion,. Like many Leather titles, WCBB is an educational title, requiring you to teach 3 classes throughout your title year. Both the contest and title are about representing the passion for boots and bootblacking, and showcasing its diversity.

Our primary goal for the WCBB contest and title is to network and connect with the greater BDSM and Leather community, to help educate the broader community about bootblacking, you are a guide and mentor to those just starting to explore their interest in boots and blacking, as well as share information and your experiences with existing established bootblacks.

Titleholder Expectations

The Expectations of Western Canada Bootblack Title Holders are as follows for the entirety of their title year.

  1. Any representative of Western Canada Bootblack Contest or Wicked in the West Conference is expected to be anti-racist/anti-opression.
  2. On any public digital format (fetlife profile, facebook profile, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc.) that can be/is tied to the title you will act as a representative of the bootblack community, a spokesperson for the Western Canada Bootblack Contest, and a representative of the Wicked in the West Conference.
  3. When at public events wearing your title patch/vest you will act as a representative of the bootblacking community, a spokesperson for the Western Canada Bootblack Contest, and a representative of the Wicked in the West Conference.
  4. At events, you are expected to promote the Conference, and share any promotional material that is available. 
  5. You are expected to teach three classes throughout your year.
  6. You are expected to submit quarterly reports on everything that has happened that quarter and anything you have planned for the remainder of the year. This includes any financial details such as fundraising, bootblacking tips (as the title holder/fundraised amount), travel fund withdrawals, expenses (plane tickets etc.).
  7. Any fundraising/educational/other event you’re organizing or going to, you are expected to share with the producers for their approval and their assistance in cross promotion as well as any additional supports that can be given (speakers, connections, mentorships etc.)
  8. As a title holder, you are expected to remain out of Drama and infighting, and while you may privately have opinions on one matter or another, however publicly posting or sharing them is not something permitted for the year to prevent alienation of various portions of our community.


Complying with these expectations gives you access to a travel fund which is expected to be used to help facilitate your travel and promotion of the Title and conference during your year. 


Should you no longer be able to fulfill your duties as title holder, you may step down and the runner up would be offered the title for the remainder of the year.