WCBB 2022 Contestants

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Creature is a compassionate leatherboy that has been in the Calgary scene since 2014. He found love for bootblacking quickly after joining kink with the influence of their partner and friends along the way. Creature attributes the intense sensory experience of leather care to be an important grounding technique in their life.

Creature is a social butterfly who loves to gather kinksters under one roof for cigars, boots, and kinship. They are passionate about fundraising, supporting local educators, and creating a safer space within the kink scene. His favourite kink is gritty, raw boot play- needles are a close secon

Tailyor is a pansexual femme Leathergirl and butch bootblack from Edmonton, AB. She self identifies as a goblin like creature (or potato, depending on the day) and uses she/they pronouns.

Leather is a passion, both the lifestyle and the material. She loves to get their hands on leather to get a feel for it’s history while caring for it, while being honoured to do the same to the folks wearing the leather itself. Better than strawberry cheesecake for dessert, the taste of huberds and leather on their tongue satisfies a craving deep in her soul.

When not loving on some leather, Tailyor enjoys being a pin cushion, punching bag and a little girl to a lucky few.