Western Canada Bootblack 2022 Contestant Checklist & Application

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Before you apply:

  1. Read the Info and Rules portion above (if you haven’t already!)
  2. Complete the “Contestant Application” (below).
  3. Send one e-mail with all of the following information below, as soon as possible:
    1. Completed and Signed Application. Please copy and forward as a .pdf file.
    2. Contestant’s biography, 100 words maximum. (Word document or similar)
    3. One picture of the contestants for our files, guidebook and website. (.jpeg format)
    4. Photocopy your drivers license or passport (you can cross out document number).
    5. Email to westerncanadabootblack@gmail.com
    6. Deadline for contestant applications is August 31 st , 2022.
  4. Contestants must purchase tickets for Wicked in the West. Tickets for contestants are $100 per person, note in your ticket application that you will be a contestant for WCBB.
  5. List of items you are donating for the Silent Auction (see “Qualifications” for info).
  6. Bring original Signed Application to the Producer/Director meeting at Wicked in the West.
  7. If you have it ready before the deadline date, we will be happy to receive it!