Nelson and ImpishWillow are the caretakers and producers of Wicked in the West.

Nelson has been involved in the BDSM/kink and Leather communities in Edmonton for over 20 years. He identifies as a polyamorous dominant sadist, exploring sexuality and spirituality with an open mind and heart. He was honoured with his Master’s cap at the first Wicked in the West.

ImpishWillow (aka Imp) first learned of the kink scene more than ten years ago, after a kink night at a local swingers club. Since then her strong need to “know more” has led her to attend many workshops and events. She identifies as a slave with a definite impish side, and is also a very capable top.

Nelson & Imp have been friends since that kink night mentioned above, and have been in a power exchange relationship since 2015. They love to laugh, and always enjoy time with their “logical” family, whether it is at Wicked or at other events across Western Canada and beyond.

They are committed to continuing to promote inclusive, respectful education, that includes all humans.

Letter(s) from the Caretakers / Producers:

Letter from the Caretakers – Late Edition – October 02

Five days to go, this will be the last update. We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you then, and will see some of you keeners even sooner. To that end, for those in the hotel on Thursday night, we will have a hospitality room open, we’ll fill you in as to room number once we know it. There will also be early registration available.

Next, for those flying in. When you get to the airport here, and have your bags, call 780 955 7744, extension 3 and they will get the shuttle heading your way. As I recall (wasn’t able to confirm) they usually pick up around door 10 at the airport, they will let you know when you call.

Main registration is from 3:30 to 6:45 pm on Friday. As you register, thanks to a number of donations we will have covid test kits available for all attendees.

The vendors area will be open both Saturday and Sunday, please note that it will be open to the public from 1pm to 5 pm on Saturday only. As such, we are unable to confirm all coming into the market during that time are vaccinated.

With regards to the silent auction, we are going to try something different this year and have the auction online. If you wish to donate something to the auction, send us an email with a photograph or two, and a brief description. We will be adding items as they arrive, we appreciate having information sooner so we’re not trying to do it all on Friday. Bidding will open on Saturday at noon, and close at 11 am on Sunday. Successful bidders will receive an email once the auction closes, and all items must be paid for by cash or etransfer by 6 pm Sunday. Any items remaining at the that will be offered to the second highest bidder.

The hotel is putting together a couple of specials for lunch on Saturday and Sunday to help make sure people get a chance to eat. Montana’s will be offering their full menu, The Den pub will have a pasta bar ($16/person) and there will also be an option to pre-order one of three options both days, information can be found on the website under the events tab.

We want to stress that the dungeon is NOT a social space, we will have a designated area outside the dungeon for all you humans to get together and chat. DM’s will be enforcing this if required, please don’t be the person they have to talk to about this.

Because of the design of Beaumont “B” room, please consider it a “public” event space, and act accordingly, because covering all that glass is problematic!

For those that want to do a little singing, on Sunday night @thehappychappy will be hosting Karaoke in the Devon room from eightish to eleven, contact him for details.

We have a couple other little things we’re working on but are not yet confirmed, will make an announcement as required.

As you make your way here, please travel safely, and we’ll see you all soon.

Addendum Oct 3 UPDATE: If you have particular music that you’d like to hear during the hook pull, send your requests to the Wicked in the West Fet Life email (sooner than later please) or , and we will do our best to have it available.

September 25, 2022

We’re getting close now! Lots of things to share today.

With a new location this year, and a significantly bigger attendance, we have done our best to plan things to run as smoothly as possible. However, we know that there may be an issue here or there that pops up, let us know if you see any issues!

Suspect many of you have already seen that Sir Guy will not be able to make it due to medical concerns. Also, Tyesha Best is unable to make it due to logistical issues. It is our hope to have both of them present in the future.

We have added one class, our keynote speakers, Sir Tee & little kitsune, will present “Bastinado – the exquisite pain”. The schedule has been updated and will be available on the website later today.

At registration (3:30 to 6:45 pm Friday), you will be required to sign a waiver and show valid picture ID in order to get your event badge and run book. Please note that the event badges come in three colours. Pink ones are for no pictures, White ones are attendees who are ok with pictures, and blue ones are “helpers”, folks who are helping out in various ways and who will try to answer your questions, or find someone who can. Please note your badge is required to enter any space outside of the Vendor’s market. It’s your all inclusive pass!

While on the topic of guest badges, we are trying something new this year, that will allow folks to have pertinent information quickly available if needed. See for more info.

We have humans coming this weekend from the western provinces all the way to the east coast, from at least a dozen US states, and even a couple folks from Europe!

For those of you that ordered and have paid for “Wicked Wearables”, the plan is to have them available at the registration desk. For those who didn’t order, we will have a limited number of tee shirts available, first come, first served, cash only please.

We will also have our Wicked patches as well as “Respect” pins available for sale ($10 each) throughout the weekend.

The run book is being finished as this is written and will be off to the printer tomorrow morning.

We are now taking donations for the silent auction, and we have quite a number of items come to us already. Plans for the auction will be finalized this week.

We have had a huge interest in the Sunday night hook pull, please see the information on the website (also in Fet Life group / in run book) for important details.

Speaking of the website, keep checking back for updates and further information. We’re updating things pretty much daily these days.

Many of us see Wicked as family, and many of us are pretty liberal with hugging those we care about. That DOES NOT mean that you are expected to accept hugs from everyone, make sure you have consent, especially with new (and new to you) folks! This is especially important given what the last two and a half years have taught us.

LAST, but certainly not least, we’re going to quote our good friend @DawnMegaTron, who said this a few years ago, and it’s stellar advice. “Bring yourself. Your true self. Or at least, leave your walls at home. You’ll find your true self waiting for you with our family once you get here. <3”

In Leather, with Love
Nelson & Imp

September 4, 2022


Things are heating up at Wicked Central as we transition into September!

There are a lot of website updates happening the last few days and will continue this week. Events have been added, Vendors and Sponsors are being added as we get their information.

Deadline for ordering your Wicked Wearables (tees, tanks and hoodies) is midnight next Sunday, September 11th, all the information is at:

We are planning to run the Silent Auction a little differently this year, details on that coming soon. If you have items that you wish to donate to the silent auction, contact us at for information, please put “Silent Auction” in the Subject line, it helps us keep things in order.

We’ll be putting together the workshop schedule this week, watch for an announcement soon.

Speaking of soon:

July 17, 2022

There’s a lot of info being posted in our Fet Life group today (, so go on over there and take a look.   As well, there’s been some updates to the Presenters and Workshops pages here on the website, if you haven’t looked in for a bit, now’s the time!

May 12, 2022

We know you are all waiting to get the details of how to get your tickets for Wicked.

Effective Saturday, May 14th, at noon mountain time, there will be a new page on the website “Buy tickets”, which will be accessible from the home page. On that page you will find a list of terms and conditions, and then a form to fill in to buy up to two tickets. Please ensure you fill out the form completely and attach photos of your ID and vaccination info in the appropriate places. Completing and sending the form is acknowledgement that you have read and understand the terms and conditions.

Once you “press” the send message button at the bottom, the system will send us the information. We will review, and if all information is complete, then you will receive an email to advise which Tier of ticket we are at, acknowledging your order and advising of the amount due. Our preferred payment method is via etransfer (interac) in Canada. Outside of Canada, we can accept payments via paypal, if this is not feasible for you, please contact us to discuss other options.

Once payment for your ticket(s) is received, we will confirm same as well as send you a link for booking your rooms at the host hotel.

We are confident of the system we have in place. Based on what we know, we expect a lot of requests on Saturday, so it may take us a little bit to acknowledge your request. We do have a few extra hands helping out, but please be patient. Also, check your junk mail folder to ensure that our response doesn’t end up there!

 April 22, 2022

So, if our event page on Fet Life is any indication, it seems like a lot of folks are wanting to attend Wicked this year.  We are very much encouraged by your faith in our event, and look forward to seeing folks in October!
Unfortunately, our ticket prices (like everything else) are going to increase this year.  That being said, please keep in mind that our tickets will include admission to all the events over the course of the three days, which includes our gala dinner on Saturday evening.  The only possible exception to this is that we are considering having a hook pull on Sunday evening if there is sufficient interest, and there may be a small charge for that.
We are looking at having approximately 35 workshops over the course of the weekend, as well as some special treats in the evenings, a dungeon on all three nights, as well as vendors hall on both Saturday and Sunday.
Tickets will go on sale on May 14th at noon MDST.   Proof of vaccination will be required in order to purchase a ticket. We are working on a system to have ticket applications through our website, more details on that coming soon.
As in past years, we will have three tiers of tickets, tier one will be $175.00, tier two will be $200.00, and tier three will be $225.00.  We have a total of 250 tickets for sale.  We will maintain a waiting list once all available tickets are spoken for. 
Tickets are non-transferable due to the requirement for proof of vaccination.  If you have a ticket and you are unable to attend, we will refund your purchase price less 10% until August 1st.  From August 2nd to September 10th, we will refund your purchase price less 15%.  No refunds after September 10th.
When your tickets are paid for, you will receive a link to book rooms at the host hotel.  It is important that you book your rooms through this link, as it helps us by indicating clearly to the hotel the number of guests that are there for our event.  The hotel rate is $109 per night, plus taxes, for single or double occupancy.  This rate includes a hot breakfast each day, and is currently valid from Thursday through Monday. 
As in previous years, we will be taking donations for tickets which will allow less members financially able members of our community to attend.  Please consider donating any amount you are comfortable with, and we will have details at a later date on how to nominate folks for these tickets.
In other news:
-About half of our vendor spaces are already spoken for.  If you want to vend at Wicked please refer to the Vendor’s information page on the website.
-We are actively looking for sponsorships, more information is available on the website.
-We still have a few presenters to announce.
-Workshop descriptions will be going up soon.
-We have had discussions with the hotel on a cigar tent, it is looking positive, still more details to be worked out.
***A reminder that we are still looking for entries in our “Design a Wicked Tee” contest, there will be a page on our site soon to showcase the entries and vote for your favourites, deadline for entries is May 1st.
As always, we invite feedback from our Wicked family regarding your ideas for Wicked, please send us an email at
In leather and with love,
Nelson & Imp

April 10, 2022

As you may have noticed, we have been busy updating the website, and adding our presenters, we still have a few more to announce so keep watching the website and our Fet Life group.
Vendor and Sponsorship information pages have also been updated. We’ll be adding information on our Vendors page as they are confirmed.
We have a couple of items to confirm costs on before we set the final ticket price, expect to have that completed very soon and be able to announce on or before the 22nd.
Everything is on track for tickets to go on sale in mid-May (exact date to be announced once prices are set), we are in the process of testing a new system to do that via the website which should make the process much easier on both sides.
Please also keep in mind that we are going to require proof of vaccination for Covid, and will be asking for that as part of the ticket application, so please have a picture of yours available to add to the application so that you’re ready when it happens.  
The question of why we are doing this is a fair one.  There are a few reasons, actually.  First and foremost, we want to do all we can to keep our attendees as safe as possible.  Secondly, if things change, and a requirement for having vaccination to attend events returns, we’d rather have that information already than have to gather it at the last minute. 
We have decided to discontinue the Western Canada Power Exchange contest this year and going forward.  There are a number of reasons for this decision, not the least of which is the fact that producing the contest as well as Wicked has become untenable.
The Western Canada Bootblack contest will continue to be hosted at Wicked, if you want more information, check out the WCBB info here on the website.
We are still looking for entries in our “Design a Wicked Tee” contest, there will be a page on our site soon to showcase the entries and vote for your favourites.
As always, we invite feedback from our Wicked family regarding your ideas for Wicked, please send us an email at
In leather and with love,
Nelson & Imp

January, 2022

Let’s try this again, shall we? After having to cancel Wicked in both 2020 and 2021, we’re going to give it another go. Let’s cross our fingers for the third time being the charm.

We have started planning, reaching out to presenters we wish to have here and chatting with the Hotel. We’d definitely like to hear ideas on what our Wicked family thinks is needed in a post-pandemic Wicked.

We feel very strongly about continuing the tradition of the Saturday evening dinner for all attendees. Yes we’ll still have lots of choices for classes, and of course dungeon space, we’re open to discussing everything else, as well as the type of classes needed.

We already have some ideas percolating for classes, and we will soon start confirming presenters. Got ideas? Send us a note:

We’re still on board with our new location (five minutes from Edmonton International Airport) and look forward to working with them to make Wicked a great time for all.

For us, our Wicked family is just that… family. We appreciate your support, and want to stay in touch, and if you have any questions drop us a note at the email address above.

There are a few folks out there that had tickets that were purchased at silent auctions at other events, or personally gifted, we haven’t forgotten about you and those tickets will be honoured in 2022.

Our site is not going to have a lot of information for the next little while as we start to build towards Wicked 2022. As significant updates are made, they will be noted via announcements on our Fet Life group as well as on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing all of you on October 7th, 8th & 9th, 2022 to finally be “Fearless”.

In leather and with love,
Nelson & Imp