Nelson and ImpishWillow are the producers of Wicked in the West.

Nelson has been involved in the BDSM/kink and Leather communities in Edmonton for almost 20 years. He identifies as a polyamorous dominant sadist, exploring sexuality and spirituality with an open mind and heart. He was honoured with his Master’s cap at the first Wicked in the West. He is also part of Mama’s family as Mama’s Canadian Firekeeper.

ImpishWillow (aka Imp) first learned of the kink scene more than ten years ago, after a kink night at a local swingers club. Since then her need to “know more” has led her to attend many workshops and events. She identifies as a slave with a definite impish side, and is known to top on occasion. She is a proud member of the “Hard Pink Sisterhood”.

Nelson & Impish Willow have been friends since that kink night mentioned above, and have been in a power exchange relationship since 2015. They love to laugh, and always enjoy time with their “logical” family, whether it is at Wicked or at other events across Western Canada and beyond.

They are committed to continuing to promote inclusive, respectful education, that includes all humans.

Want to be even more Wicked?

We are always looking for helping hands to help make Wicked in the West even more spectacular than the year before. Please contact Nelson or ImpishWillow for more information!