Consent & Mediation Policy

At Wicked in the West, we believe in informed and ongoing consent.  Anything less is a no. 

What does that mean, you ask?   First off, it’s not going to look the same for everyone.  People who have been in a long-standing relationship are going to have much different parameters than those who have just met.   What is important is that all involved are aware of the risks and have made an agreement they are all comfortable with.


My name is Liz/ Lizabitch/ Mrs Meow Meow. I have been around the scene for just going 10 years now. I was one of the two FAPCON producers, former Calgary rope nights organizer, Calgary Bootblacks group creator and general community volunteer. My pronouns are she/her. 

Incident Report Contact

This year at Wicked I am here to support in the position of incident report contact. 

I will be available to:

  • Provide a checklist to help you navigate negotiating a scene if you need assistance (and we are happy to provide a space to practice saying no)
  • Provide a safe space to be heard.
  • Record details of any consent violations that have happened to you at the conference that you wish to report.
  • Attempt to help you find resolution if you wish.
  • Help to facilitate/ witness face to face discussions if you wish for that to happen in a safe space.
  • Provide a list of support resources to aid in trauma counselling. (Both printed and can send links through Fetlife as well if you need)
  • Provide contact details for authorities if that is your wish to report.

Note that any and all of the above is voluntary and only actions you are comfortable with will happen. The producers will be notified of all indecent reports that occurred during the conference unless your report involves one of the producers or event volunteers, then we will engage other community members for support to ensure bias is avoided. 

My partner Jordan/ Signorwolf/ CosmicDaddytm will also be available if you feel more comfortable with him to discuss any incidents with him or to have him be present as additional support. 

If you are not comfortable just coming up to us in person to talk about something that has happened to you at the conference, feel free to send me a message on FetLife @Lizabitch. I will be checking my messages throughout the conference. We can chat online or set up a time for a tea or coffee privately- whatever method is most comfortable for you to feel safe in reporting.